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SAP- (Systems, Applications, Products in Data processing) is an Enterprise resource planning  software which enables business to integrate various functionalists of there operations right from procurement of the materials to planning there production, sales and distribution, finance ,human resource management and many more areas. Each of these areas are called modules organisations can have a set of these modules which are relevant to there business. SAP for past few decades has been an frontier in ERP with lions share in the market.

At an out set these modules can be broadly classified into Technical and Function. Technical modules range from ABAP, BASIS, BI/BW and Functional modules ranging from MM-Materials Management, FI-CO Finance and controlling, SD- Sales and Distribution etc..

SAP primarily works on 3 layered architecture namely Data base layer, Application Layer and presentation layer.Its moving rapidly towards in-memory computing know as HANA adding a new layer and cloud to target medium scale industry


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