Instructor: Jeffrey Word (ASUG)
Date: Friday, November 30th 2018
Time: 04.30 PM – 6.00 PM

Professor Lou Thompson, Faculty Advisor and Mentor of the SAP User’s Group addressed the gathering and welcomed the instructor, Mr. Jeffrey Word, Head of ASUG University and founder of Epistemy Press. The professor listed the upcoming events in Spring 2019.

Jeffrey Word kicked off the session with some anecdotes on the evolution and naming process of HANA. He shared information regarding the processes and struggles involved in the successful implementation of HANA. Discussing about the development architecture of HANA, he explained to us the unique features that HANA posessed. After HANA, Jeff introduced various books he had authored on behalf of the Epistemy press and how the students may utilize them. He then elaborated on the various career opportunities that will be available with SAP in 2019, both business-oriented and technical roles.

The Information session concluded with a Q&A session. A contest was held to popularize the event. The contest winner interacted with Jeffrey Word in person. Prof. Lou Thompson presented Mr. Jeffrey Word with a Certificate of honor. The event saw the participation of 34 students. Refreshment was provided to the participants.
Overall, the event was a great success and ensured a continued collaboration with Jeffrey Word in upcoming semesters.