April 23, 2019

SAP Business Trends and Implementations

Guest Speaker: Juan Manuel Diaz (Primesource Building Products)
Date: Friday, September 21st, 2018
Time: 4 Pm to 6 Pm

Professor Lou Thompson, faculty Advisor and Mentor of the SAP User’s Group addressed the gathering and welcomed the chief guest, Juan Manuel Diaz, Director of SAP Systems, Primesource Building Products. Professor went on to give a brief overview of the events planned for the Fall 2018 semester and elaborated on the SAP ABAP Playground that will be organized.

Then, Mr. Juan Manuel Diaz took over and enriched the knowledge of the student gathering on topics around ERP evolution, SAP Evolution, and SAP implementation challenges. He explained through an informative narrative, the evolution of SAP S/4 HANA from SAP R/3. Mr. Diaz stressed on how the companies had to adapt the processes so as to implement industry best practices. The next part of the session delved into the various career prospectives in SAP realm and the recent developments in SAP technologies. He then elaborated on the advent of cloud and the importance of migrating from traditional practices to cloud services. The whole info-session was driven by real-life business scenarios. As stated by Mr. Diaz, “SAP is an ocean and a constant evolution”.

The Information session concluded with a Q&A session. Prof. Lou Thompson presented Mr. Juan Manuel Diaz with memorabilia. The session was attended by 45 students. Refreshments were provided to the gathering. The session was an enriching experience for the student community. We look forward to more fruitful associations with Primesource Building Products.