The SAP Users’ Group (SUG) delegates a workshop committee to deliver information that is useful for our membership. The SUG workshop committee is responsible for organizing workshops, organizing guest speaker presentations, career forums and social networking events for SUG members.

The purpose of the Enterprise Systems / SAP Career Forum is to expose students to careers which include working with enterprise systems and SAP. SAP Users’ Group leadership works closely with the School of Management (SOM) Career Management Center to invite professional panelists in positions including IT and implementation consulting, positions that use or support enterprise resource planning systems, and positions that audit or assess information systems an organization has in place.

Panelists describe different aspects of their industry, specific characteristics of their individual companies, and types of skills required in their career fields. We encourage students to present their questions to the panel to obtain realistic, industry-current, and real-time feedback from these professionals that can help students in their careers.

On February 23rd 2006, SAP Users’ Group leadership coordinated with the SOM Career Center to host this year’s Enterprise Systems / SAP Career Form. Our presenters included professionals from PepsiCo, Denbury Resources, Texas Instruments, Hitachi Consulting, Accenture, KPMG., and Infinite Computer Solutions. The SAP Users’ Group will continue to partner with the SOM Career Management Center to present our annual career forum in future Spring semesters.

SAP Users’ Group organizes informational workshops for students for the following purposes:

  • Education Workshops-Discuss degree plan with concentration in Enterprise Systems in University of Texas at Dallas.
  • Career Workshops-Provide Career information in order to pursue a position in enterprise systems / SAP field, including Resume workshops and Networking workshops.

Resume workshops discuss topics including:

  • Experience related to Acct Info Systems, ERP and SAP
  • What positions to target during your job search
  • SAP “key words” in writing resumes to specific positions
  • Info. to help you create a successful resume and conduct your job search

The SAP Users’ Group hosts mixers for social networking purposes. We wish to create a relaxed atmosphere for our membership and potential members to get to know each other outside the classroom and work environment. Participators can exchange information about the enterprise systems / SAP market, share professional experiences, and discuss enterprise systems / SAP related information.

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