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On the 5th of April 2019, eight esteemed guests from Infosys Limited visited The University of Texas at Dallas to recognize young talent. The event started off with one of the guests giving a brief introduction to the Multi-National Corporation and its branches across the world. The speaker gave the students a few instances of smart thinking.

The students were then divided into six groups and each group was assigned a mentor with whom they could work. A business problem was then presented, and the students were encouraged to think about how they would solve the problem. They could also make use of huge stick-on sheets to present their solutions. In the end, each team was given 5 minutes to present the problem and the solution they had come up with to solve the problem, all along being questioned by the guests, which further stimulated everyone’s thoughts on the various aspects one had to keep in mind to solve a real-world business problem.

The students showed creativity by coming up with very impressive solutions to solve the given business problem.

The Dean of The University of Texas at Dallas graced the event with their presence. Delicious pizzas were served to everyone at the event.