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‘Data Warehouse Modernization with SAP HANA’ is the first session conducted by SAP Users Group. Our faculty advisor Prof. Lou Thompson began the session by welcoming the guest speaker and audience present. Followed by Mr. Swaroop Prince who introduced himself and his colleagues to the audience again.

Swaroop started his discussion by giving a brief introduction on SAP HANA to the audience. He discussed topics related to transaction and analytics system. Following this, he discussed a case study on Fraud analytics in Credit Card Processing. He further discussed on embedded analytics in SAP HANA.

The discussion was further carried over by Abhishek Ganguly. He had an interactive session with the audience. He explained the benefits of using SAP HANA over other systems. He explained the architecture of an ERP system and the important role it plays in the daily to day process. Ms. Katelyn Cox took over the discussion from Abhishek. She discussed primarily on job opportunities at Deloitte and encouraged the students to apply at Deloitte Careers.

The session ended with the audience chance to have a one-on-one with the guest speakers while enjoying their refreshments.