The Terp10 by SAP University Alliance rules that UTD must follow is that you must be a registered student at UTD. You must take either ITSS4340 Intro to ERP or MIS6319 Intro to ERP before you are allowed to take the Terp10. The Terp10 is offered each May during the second and third weeks. Each session can only accommodate 50 students.

It does not matter if you are an SAP Professional and the number of years of experience. TERP10 covers 15 areas. You have to become a student so if you are not a current student, you have to apply to become a student (non-degree seeking) and take the pre-requisite course stated earlier.

ITSS4340 Intro to ERP and MIS6319 ERP are offered every semester including the summer.

The Terp10 currently cost $1,400.00 which covers the exam, materials, and training. On the open market, the cost of the Terp10 is $8,500.00. Classes are from 9-5 and you need to review and study each night leading up to the exam on the last day 4 hours per night. The exam is 80 questions and 3 hours long. As soon as you complete the exam which is online, you are notified if you passed or not. If you fail the exam you must schedule on your own to re-take the exam at an SAP testing center and pay whatever is the going exam rate to retake the exam.

The enrollment period is Feb 1 – April 1, 2019. Payment can only be made by certified check or money order. The process is you must see Lou Thompson first to register and get a form to take to accounting to make payment. After you have paid accounting, your seat in the class is permanent.

If you are not a current student then you must contact the UTD School of Management Advising Office at 972-883-2275 and register as a non degree student and take either ITSS4340 or MIS6319 as listed above before you can be allowed into the TERP10 course.

The UTD School of Management Advising Office is located in the School Of Management in room 2.250