TERP 10, Business Processes in ERP (Associate Level)

Do you want to be part of state-of-the-art training and earn SAP Certification?

WHAT:  SAP Certification – TERP 10, Integrated Business Processes in ERP.

A special two-week SAP Certification Academy will be offered by SAP America & the University of Texas @ Dallas School of Management. SAP America will provide SAP Certified faculty to teach the SAP Certification training and administer the SAP Certification Exam.

GOALS:   The SAP Certification Academy will prepare you to:

Enhance your understanding of integration and system navigation in the SAP ECC6.0 & S4/HANA system.

Explain how the fundamental business processes interact with mySAP ERP in the areas of Sales Order Management, Material and Production Planning, Procurement, Project Management, Plant Maintenance, Human Capital Management, Financial Management, and Management Accounting.

Perform the integrated logistics and financial processes in R/3 Enterprise, and the use of analytical components in Business Warehouse.

Perform the core business R/3 transactions in the functional areas of Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Procurement, Human Resources, Financials, and Controlling.

Course *ERP Basics *S/4 Hana
Overview: *ERP SAP NetWeaver *Program and Project Management
*Business Warehouse *Enterprise Asset Management
*Sales Order Management *Human Capital Management
*Material Planning *Financial Accounting
*Manufacturing Execution *Management Accounting
*Procurement Cycle


May 6 thru 17, 2019 (9-Days Training and Test Prep, 1 Day Certification Exam)


UTD School of Management (JSOM 1.302 Computer Lab)


If you pass the certification exam at the end of the SAP Academy your name will be entered into the SAP database as a certified SAP consultant in mySAP ERP Integrated Business Processes.

PREREQUISITE: Students must complete either MIS6319 or ITSS4340 Intro to ERP in order to participate in the Academy. There are no exceptions to this SAP University Alliance Rule!

COST:  Cost $1,400 per student: Cost covers Certification Exam, Professional Instruction, and training materials. Payable to UTD in the form of Certified Check, or Money Order.

Sign up period is February 1 – April 1, 2019. First pay first get a seat only!

CONTACT FOR SIGN UP:  Lou Thompson, SOM 3.813, 972-883-2558,