June 23, 2019

Analytics Playground with SAP Analytics Cloud

The second event conducted by SAP Users Group was the ‘Analytics Playground with SAP Analytics Cloud’. Our faculty advisor Prof. Lou Thompson began the session by welcoming the guest speaker and audience present.

Officers at SAP Users Group who have experience in the ‘SAP Analytics Cloud’ tool gave a beginner’s tutorial. The participants of the competition were asked to explore the tool and come up with a dashboard visualization for the dataset provided. Our guest speaker for the event Mr. Gopal Krishnamoorthy evaluated the visualization and presentation skills of the participants and invited five of the participants for interning at his company Visual BI.

Out of the 5 students, everyone received an interview call. Three of these students are currently interning with Visual BI Solutions. The winners of the competition were:

1. Ghazalpreeth Kaur

2. Adithya Murali

3. Deepanjit Singh Kohli

Excellent presentation skills helped Mr. Rathnaguru V and Sugirda Shivan receive interview calls too. The session ended with Gopal giving tips on how to make a good Dashboard and giving feedback to each of the team. Lunch and evening refreshments were provided to all the participants.