Exposing, educating and developing the next generation of enterprise systems

Mission Statement

The mission of the SAP Users’ Group (SUG) is to give every member a place to exchange information related to enterprise resource planning topics, with a focus on SAP.

  • SUG facilitates exposing students to SAP through hands-on experience with the SAP software package, networking with other students and faculty interested in SAP, and interaction with professional individuals and corporations associated with SAP. Student will have the opportunity to attend guest speaker i-sessions (information sessions) to learn more about enterprise systems and SAP.
  • SUG empowers educating students by informing them of enterprise systems and SAP-related courses available at the University of Texas at Dallas at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Graduate students can choose an Enterprise Systems concentration to further their commitment to learning about SAP while empowering them to be stronger candidates for future and current employment as well as giving them more future career choices.
  • SUG help in developing students through workshops on topics such as resume writing, networking, interview skills, and other skills essential to help achieve career goals. The annual career forum assists students in understanding potential career paths that are available to individuals with an interest in enterprise systems / SAP.

The ultimate goal is to help students establish a future career in SAP or other enterprise E-Business platforms as a systems user, in IT systems support, in consulting, systems evaluation, or other career opportunities that become available as enterprise systems and SAP evolve.

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