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Welcome to the SAP Users’ Group website. I hope you consider joining our organization after discovering the benefits we have to offer you and how you in turn can contribute to our future success.

Before discussing the various events and activities hosted by the SAP Users’ Group, I would like to introduce SAP if you not yet acquainted. SAP is a widely used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in various industries, in America and around the world. In recent years, SAP has established its dominance as the market leader in ERP and continues to innovate and grow. ERP systems had become a priority for the majority companies now. Exposure and resources in ERP systems are invaluable in today’s information revolution.

The SAP Users’ Group (SUG) at UTD was established in August 2004 and has grown quickly to over 250 members. Many students join SUG because they realize the significant benefits of participating in the activities offered. Our members and officers have been working actively to make the SUG a successful and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Our goal is to help our members broaden their exposure to ERP/SAP related industries, technologies, and people. Our main forum has been information sessions with guest speakers from various industries to discuss topics related to ERP/SAP and industry trends. These information sessions provide opportunities for our members to network with industry leaders and professionals.

We established our main communication channels in WebCT and Yahoo Groups. Each member has access to the SUG area in WebCT and the UTD SAP system through the SAP GUI interface. By using the SAP system, our members are able to get hands-on experience with the SAP software package. This helps our members obtain a deeper understanding of the ERP concepts and systems, and establish a solid technical foundation for individuals interested in ERP/SAP related careers.

SUG is also is the recruiting events organized either independently by the SUG or jointly with other student organizations. As part of this effort, we compile our resume book on an on-going basis to present our members as a group to the potential employers. This will help attract attention from potential employers directly to the SUG and our members. I believe this will provide an important venue in the employment searching process for our members.